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Who Are We & How Can We Help You?!

Canada Search & Registry Corp. (Canada Search) is a full service search and registry agency dedicated to providing fast and easy access to numerous government services across Canada.

We currently have access to over 50 government databases across the country including extensive vehicle history information, personal property registry, corporate filings and land title registry services.

We service hundreds customers including individual car buyers, Automobile/Marine Dealers, Insurance Brokers, Registry Agents, Leasing Companies, Real-estate Companies, Finance Companies and Vehicle Inspection Stations.

In total we process hundreds of reports per day and have been doing so since 1999. We are a local, Canadian-owned Company who will offer you personal service that far exceeds our competitors. We intend to demonstrate that we have the ambition, creativity and experience to be your best choice.

What People Have Being Saying About Us!

"We wouldn’t have been able to buy with such confidence.."

"You Saved our 'Hinies'.."

Just a little note to say thank-you. Without your help our search for a used car we would have surely met with disaster; even though our eyes were dazzled by the, would be “perfect car” your search revealed the bitter truth.

When we finally found what again could have been a potential wolf in sheep’s clothing; your search revealed it to be finally our “dream” car and we wouldn’t have been able to buy with such confidence if it hadn’t been for your research and reassuring background information.

We can’t thank-you enough you saved our “hinies”!

Wendy & Gerry Foster, Richmond BC

"Great Protection Service.."

"Recommend it Highly.."

Before parting with a certified cheque to the vehicle vendor, I took advantage of the service information you faxed me. In the space of 10 minutes, I learned that the 1994 model vehicle had:

• Been in 6 collisions in total. One alone cost ICBC over $8,000. • Three more collisions and the total shot up past $13,000 of damage paid out by ICBC. The other two were not claimed. • Not to mention the lien that was still in effect.

No wonder the mileage was so low. It was always in the body shop. I called the vendor and asked him if he still thought I was coming over to buy the car. Great protection service. Recommend it highly to anyone who’s in the market.

Thanks very much!

Robert Van Elslande, Richmond BC

"In a Matter of Minutes I had the Search Info.."

I contacted the Canada Search & Registry Company through their toll free number and was greeted cheerfully by Virginia.

I explained the difficulty I was experiencing, the time constraints I was under and what I believed I needed to solve my problem. Virginia expertly and efficiently answered my questions and assisted me with the search that I needed.

In a matter of minutes I had the search information I needed relayed to my email and fax sites.


David Marttunen, Calgary Alberta

"Prompt, Exceptional Service.."

Just wanted to comment on the wonderful services I got from one of your employees. Melvin went above and beyond the call of duty and provided prompt, exceptional service.

Keep up the good work!

George Aung Thin, P.Eng., BC

"Customized Service.."

Canada Search & Registry has gone to great lengths to provide a customized service that best meets the needs of the insurance industry. Making the services as easy as possible for both our customers and our brokers.

Overall we truly appreciate the way Canada Search & Registry does business and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

Coronation Insurance

"Timely and Professional Manner.."

We send an average of 35 to 40 accident inquiries per month, and are very much satisfied with the quick response we receive via fax, usually within 10 to 15 minutes following our request via their web site. When we need to contact any individual by phone our inquiry is always treated in a timely and professional manner.


"Prompt, Accurate.."

We would like to make specific reference to the excellent customer service CSRC has given us. They have proven that our business is important. They are willing to be flexible and reasonable when meeting our business needs. CSRC has proven to be prompt, accurate and we would recommend them as a service provider.

Frontier Chrysler



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