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Car Fax Report (CANADA) - Automobiles/Motorcycles

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CARFAX Canada Verified BC is our most complete and comprehensive vehicle history report. If you want to learn about the history of a vehicle and perform a Canadian lien search*, then this is the right report for you.

CARFAX Canada Verified BC was created specifically for vehicles that are or ever have been registered in British Columbia. This report includes BC accident and registration information provided by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) in addition to the data provided in our CARFAX Canada Verified report.

What will my report include?

In addition to the VIN decode, CARFAX Canada Verified BC provides you with:
•Report summary
•Report findings in chronological order
•Accident, collision and damage detail (including data from ICBC)
•Information about liens registered in certain provinces and/or territories in Canada*
•Canadian registration and branding
•Stolen vehicle check
•Import records
•United States vehicle history
•Any other records that may be available from our data providers

* CARFAX Canada will search for liens in each province or territory in Canada (excluding Northwest Territories) in which the vehicle (identified by its VIN) (i) is currently registered; and (ii) has historically been registered. If you suspect that a vehicle has been registered in Northwest Territories, we recommend running a Lien Express report to check for liens.

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